DIY Rug Cleaning Tips 2015

Carpet and rug cleaning are some of the most dreaded chores in every home. Many people take rug cleaning to be a tedious and back-breaking task that shouldn’t be done in on a daily basis. Although vacuuming your carpet or rugs does reduce dirt and dust, the rugs should be cleaned intensively at least once in every 3 months or so. Should you fail to do this, the carpet accumulates dust, food particles, fungus, mold and animal hair, hence making your home unlivable. You can however hire a professional rug cleaner to help clean the rugs and carpets and restore its beauty and a fresher look. If you live in NSW and are looking for reliable rug cleaners sydney offers, then be sure to check out VIP – they are a class above and offer reasonable rates.

Discussed below are a few tips on how to keep your carpets and rugs clean for longer.
1. Vacuum the rug before cleaning it: There is more to cleaning a rug than just soaking it in water and scrubbing. Before you can start cleaning the rugs, vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get rid of dust, animal fur, and food materials before soaking it. This will not only reduce the dirt, but also preserve the rug’s fibers and color. By doing this, the rugs should retain their original color and glamor for longer.

2. Deal with spills immediately: Dealing with accidental spills right away is always recommended. Leaving juice, honey, beer or even wine spill to dry on your rugs will only make it harder to clean. Instead, use a soft cloth tissue paper or even cotton wool to blot is out. Blotting is the best way to deal with oil, juice or wine spillages on carpets and rugs as it soaks almost all the spilled liquid. You however should resist rubbing the spillage as it will only drive the liquid further.

3. Pre-treat deep stained rugs if possible: Pre-treating a stain before beginning on general cleaning is always recommended. Even professional carpet and rug cleaners do this. Pre-treating tough stains with the right solution makes cleaning these stained and heavily soiled areas much easier. The pretreatment solution helps break down the stain bonds thus making it easier to clean with cleaning detergents.

4. Never over-soak rugs: The first rule in rug cleaning is that, you should never soak rugs and carpets for too long. Soaking the rug makes cleaning harder as most stains will start spreading to other parts of the rug. In addition to this, the rug will take much longer to dry especially if it isn’t summer yet. It would therefore be advisable to use 3-4 wet strokes per area when cleaning carpets and rugs to avoid over soaking.

5. Rinse well after washing: Most carpet cleaners in the sydney or melbourne market today have a ‘rinse mode’ setting that dispenses plain water only. Rinsing helps remove dirt from stains as well as the cleaning detergent used. This leaves the rug clean and free from any toxic residue from the cleaning detergent.

Once the cleanup job is done, it would be advisable to leave it to dry completely. The fastest way to do this is by ensuring doors and windows are wide open during and after cleaning. You can alternatively avoid all this by calling a professional rug cleaner to help you with the job. (please note links removed above – outdated links)