Monitoring child behavior – using charts to help discipline your children

To enhance the behavior of your child, magnetic behavior charts are an amazing instrument that can help. These charts can be used on students of all ages and are also used to change the way teenagers behave. The charts help the child to have fun when confirming accomplishments and the obtaining of rewards for the efforts put in.

Creating good learning charts makes all the difference when it comes to helping your child develop good habits as well as encouraging them to continue doing so. The following are steps that can be taken when developing a good chart:

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> Think of the types of attitudes that you consider good and the ones that you consider bad. Outline these good behaviors which you want your children to implement. It is also important to outline the bad tendencies which you would like changed in your child. Consider the age of the child before you come up with this behavior outline. This is because a younger child will need more positive reinforcement.

> Once you establish the learning styles and patterns that you want in your child, come up with a rewards system that will be used to reward the child.

> Choose a system that will help you keep track of your child’s good manners. This can be a printable chart or a whiteboard . Choose a system that will be most effective and easy for you and the needs of your family.

> Discuss this chart with the child because the child needs to know what type of rewards and punishments will be there. Let this discussion be a pleasant one because most children are eager to try out opportunities which have rewards.

> Because of the initial eagerness of the child to use the charts, which may be short lived, make sure you do not at any point ignore the chart. Be consistent and let it be a part of the daily routine in the home.

The following are the various kinds of behavior charts that can be used:

> Single Behavior Chart

This is a chart that can be used when your child does a new job at a time.

> Chore Chart

This chart assists you to set up an assignment list for your child. This is helpful when your child has several assignments in a week.

> Multiple Chart

This is used for children who have problems with evening or morning chores or agendas. It is also appropriate for the children who want to do many-steps jobs like washing the garage.

> Homework Progress Chart

This chart is aimed at helping your child’s undertakings which are important to the homework.

> Reward Chart

This is a chart that rewards your child for accomplishing a task as well as inspiring him or her to work positively in the future.

When looking for the best chart, it is important to know that the behavior chart is only the first step towards making the behavior of your child better, it is important to use one particular chart instead of following multiple charts at the same time and your child must know how the chart is used and follow it under your guidance.

Finally, it is up to you as the parent to make the behavior charts successful. Getting bored with the chart will make the child discard it. The secret is to stay focused, keep encouraging the child and keep rewarding.